1771-IFE PLC5模拟输入模块

描述:Allen-Bradley 1771- ife是PLC5模拟输入模块,可与任何1771 I/O机箱兼容安装。该模块具有十六(16)单端通道或八(8)差分输入通道。每个通道可配置输入电压和电流信号范围为1至5V dc, 0至5V dc, -5至+5V dc, -10至+10V dc, 0至10V dc, 4至20mA, 0至20mA和20至+20mA。该模块与BTW和BTR等块传输指令一起使用,用于发送和接收模拟数据和指令。



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1771-IFE PLC5模拟输入模块

描述:Allen-Bradley 1771- ife是PLC5模拟输入模块,可与任何1771 I/O机箱兼容安装。该模块具有十六(16)单端通道或八(8)差分输入通道。每个通道可配置输入电压和电流信号范围为1至5V dc, 0至5V dc, -5至+5V dc, -10至+10V dc, 0至10V dc, 4至20mA, 0至20mA和20至+20mA。该模块与BTW和BTR等块传输指令一起使用,用于发送和接收模拟数据和指令。

Allen-Bradley 1771-IFE是一个PLC5模拟输入模块。该模块接口模拟输入与PLC处理器使用块传输编程。它使用16位分辨率,并执行所需的模数转换,反之亦然,将模拟信号与PLC数据表值接口。如果输入通信中断,它可以使用默认用户配置自动响应故障。因此,它提供了对故障的可预测和安全的响应,并限制了故障的范围。1771-IFE兼容于各种应用,如温度,压力,液位,流量和其他应用。它包含十六(16)单端或八(8)差分可选输入。它具有自然二进制或BCD缩放到+/-9999数据格式。它的直流电压范围为-10至10伏,电流范围为-20至20毫安。它的背板电流负载为750毫安,8通道的通道更新时间为8毫秒,16通道的通道更新时间为36毫秒,12位加号分辨率。

1771-IFE的最大功耗为2.5瓦,散热为8.52 BTU/小时。它配备了一个1771-WG接线臂来取代模块,消除了断开接线的需要。它需要一个插槽用于安装在I/O机箱中,正确安装的键带位于下部连接器的引脚10和12之间,以及上部连接器的引脚24和26之间。1771-IFE前面板上的“RUN”指示灯为绿色,“FAULT”指示灯为红色。它包含光电隔离,以保护系统电路免受电瞬变的影响。它还包含一个输入滤波功能,以减少电气噪声。

Allen-Bradley 1771-IFE是Allen-Bradley制造的模拟输入模块,用于传统PLC 5可编程逻辑控制器系列。该模块具有通道灵活性,具有16(16)单端输入或8(8)差分输入。这个模块有各种各样的

输入信号的选择,如1至5V dc, 0至5V dc, -5至+5V, -10至+10V dc, 0至10V dc,电压和4至20mA, 0至20mA和-20至+20mA的电流信号。





1771-IFE PLC5模拟输入模块

Description: The Allen-Bradley 1771-IFE is a PLC5 analog input module that is compatible for installation with any 1771 I/O chassis. This module has Sixteen (16) Single-eneded channels or Eight (8) Differential input channels. Each channel are configurable for input Voltage and Current signal ranges of 1 to 5V dc, 0 to 5V dc, -5 to +5V, -10 to +10V dc, 0 to 10V dc, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 20mA, and 20 to +20mA. This module is used with Block transfer instructions such as BTW and BTR for sending and receiving analog data and instructions.

The Allen-Bradley 1771-IFE is a PLC5 Analog Input Module. This module interfaces analog inputs with PLC processors using block transfer programming. It uses a 16-bit resolution and performs the required analog-to-digital conversions and vice versa to interface analog signals with PLC data table values. If input communication is disrupted, it can respond automatically to the fault with the default user configuration. Thus, it provides a predictable and safe response to a fault and limits the extent of the fault. The 1771-IFE is compatible for use in various applications such as Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow, and other applications. It contains Sixteen (16) single-ended or Eight (8) differential selectable inputs. It has Natural Binary or BCD scaling to a +/-9999 data format. It has a voltage range of -10 to 10 Volts DC and a current range of -20 to 20 mA. It has a backplane current load of 750 mA and a channel update time of 8 milliseconds for 8 channels, 36 milliseconds for 16 channels, and 12 bits plus sign resolution.

The 1771-IFE has a maximum power dissipation of 2.5 Watts and a thermal dissipation of 8.52 BTU/hour. It comes with a 1771-WG wiring arm to replace the module, eliminating the need to disconnect wiring. It requires one slot for installation in an I/O chassis and keying bands for correct installation is between pins 10 and 12 for the lower connector and pins 24 and 26 for the upper connector. The 1771-IFE module contains a green RUN and a red FAULT indicator light on the front panel. It contains optoelectrical isolation to protect the system circuits from electrical transients. It also contains an input filtering feature to reduce electrical noise.

The Allen-Bradley 1771-IFE is an analog input module that is manufactured by Allen-Bradley for use with the legacy PLC 5 Programmable Logic Controller family. This module features channel flexibility with Sixteen (16) Single-ended inputs or Eight (8) Differential inputs. This module has a wide variety of

of input signal selection such as 1 to 5V dc, 0 to 5V dc, -5 to +5V, -10 to +10V dc, 0 to 10V dc, for Voltage and 4 to 20mA, 0 to 20mA, and -20 to +20mA for Current signals.

This module is used to enable measurement of Process Variables (PV) such as Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature, Speed, Viscosity, Turbidity, pH, Vibration, Displacement and many other parameters that may be represented by the selectable input signals. This module converts the receive signal to a proportional four-digit BCD or twelve-bit binary value.

Aside from this conversion, this analog input module is provided with configuration parameters such as real-time sampling that is used to regulate the sampling-time and lessen fluctuations, digital filtering used to cancel out noise or interference present in the signal wiring, scaling to engineering units to properly display the converted data to usable values and measurements, data format to assign conversion format to the received signal.

This module is compatible for installation to any PLC5 chassis and available slot.



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