PM564-RP-ETH 适用于工业自动化、交通、能源等领域

PM564-RP-ETH 的供电电压为220V AC或115-230V AC,适用于工业自动化、交通、能源等领域。它还支持多种通信协议,如Modbus、Profibus、EtherNet/IP等,可以与其他设备进行无缝连接和数据交换。

PM564-RP-ETH 还具备丰富的I/O通信接口,可以轻松实现与周边设备的通信。这些接口包括数字输入/输出、模拟输入/输出、输送链跟踪等,可以满足各种自动化控制系统的需求。

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PM564-RP-ETH 适用于工业自动化、交通、能源等领域

PM564-RP-ETH 是一款由ABB公司生产的可编程逻辑控制器(PLC),属于AC500系列。它采用了128kB的程序内存,支持6个数字输入(DI)、6个数字输出(DO)、2个模拟输入(AI)和1个模拟输出(AO)。此外,它还具备1个RS485通信接口和2个可选插槽,可以方便地进行扩展和通信。

PM564-RP-ETH 的供电电压为220V AC或115-230V AC,适用于工业自动化、交通、能源等领域。它还支持多种通信协议,如Modbus、Profibus、EtherNet/IP等,可以与其他设备进行无缝连接和数据交换。

此外,PM564-RP-ETH 还具备丰富的I/O通信接口,可以轻松实现与周边设备的通信。这些接口包括数字输入/输出、模拟输入/输出、输送链跟踪等,可以满足各种自动化控制系统的需求。

需要注意的是,具体的产品规格和参数可能因不同的应用需求和地区而有所不同。在选择和使用PM564-RP-ETH 时,建议参考相应的产品手册或技术文档,以确保正确、安全地安装和使用。同时,也需要注意与其他设备和系统的兼容性和互操作性。

PM564-RP-ETH 适用于工业自动化、交通、能源等领域

The PM564-RP-ETH is a programmable logic controller (PLC) manufactured by ABB and belongs to the AC500 family. It uses 128kB of program memory and supports six digital inputs (DI), six digital outputs (DO), two analog inputs (AI), and one analog output (AO). In addition, it has an RS485 communication interface and 2 optional slots for easy expansion and communication.

The supply voltage of PM564-RP-ETH is 220V AC or 115-230V AC, which is suitable for industrial automation, transportation, energy and other fields. It also supports a variety of communication protocols, such as Modbus, Profibus, EtherNet/IP, etc., and can be seamlessly connected and data exchanged with other devices.

In addition, PM564-RP-ETH also has a rich I/O communication interface, which can easily communicate with peripheral devices. These interfaces include digital input/output, analog input/output, conveyor chain tracking, etc., which can meet the needs of various automatic control systems.

It should be noted that the specific product specifications and parameters may vary for different application needs and regions. When selecting and using PM564-RP-ETH, it is recommended to refer to the corresponding product manual or technical documentation to ensure correct and safe installation and use. At the same time, attention should also be paid to compatibility and interoperability with other devices and systems.


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